Friday, April 29, 2011

Best of Old Airport Road Hawker Centre for just $10!

Imagine one day when you only have the last $10 bill under your name and you want to make good use of it. Would you buy yourself a lottery ticket and pray that you'll be a millionaire over night or reward yourself a good feast and pray for a better tomorrow?

Oh well, I'm definitely the latter...hehe! :D

So if that day ever comes, find 4 other friends, take your $10 bill and have a good feast for a total of $50! Trust me, it's seriously a feast with just $10 from each person!

So let's have a look at what we had? Here goes.... :D

Look at the spread on our table!
Yes! We had our table practically filled right up to the edge with only $10 from each of us!

Pretty amazing how it could be done right?
Anyway, let's have a close look at the different delish dishes we had! :)

Lao Fu Zi Char Kway Teow #01-12

It was a real pity that it was already cold before we could dig in, but I haven't had char kway teow for a very long time. Aside from the fact that it tasted a little sweet from what I remembered, probably with too much dark soy sauce, the plateful from Lao Fu Zi Char Kway Teow was actually pretty good with very generous helpings of Chinese sausages and cockles!

Western Barbeque #01-53

How often do you get western food from hawkers or food court that is still serving you with fries, bakes beans together with a buttered soft bun aside from your main? Isn't the buttered soft bun and baked beans combination totally nostalgic?

Anyway, we had the grilled chicken together with Western Barbeque's house garlic dressing. The house garlic dressing on top of the grilled chicken definitely made the entire plate taste like it didn't come from a western food store in a hawker centre!

Xin Mei Porridge #01-91

This is seriously the best peanut & cuttlefish congee I ever had! Or rather, this simple yet delish bowl of congee served with a freshly fried dough fritter won the hearts of all of us! The sweet and smooth texture of the congee just never fails to let me crave for it badly during a rainy and cold day! If there's ever a raining day and you're just around the area, get yourself a bowl of peanut & cuttlefish congee to warm yourself! :)

Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodle #01-98

The prawns were relatively big, the pork ribs were fleshy too, and not forgetting the fact that all the above and the noodles plus beansprouts paired with a flavourful bowl of prawn broth and with that, this is what I call a good bowl of prawn noodles!

Blanco Court Kway Chap #01-136

Nothing beats that occasional sinful indulgence of a bowl of smooth kway chap with a plateful of well-braised pork intestines, pig skin, beancurds, eggs and etc. But it's a real pity that the kway chap, being one of the 1st few dishes to reach the table, is already a little cold when we finally dig in. I believe it will taste better when it's still piping hot and you will then realise why our parents always tell us to eat while the food is still hot!

Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee #01-116

The lor mee from Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee is probably one of the best lor mee I ever had in the sense that I haven't had a bowl of lor mee with so many other ingredients aside from the noodles and the starchy soup before. There was fish cakes, shredded chicken, chunks of fried fish fillets, chunks of ngoh hiang, braised egg and many many more you can name! 

Tan Beng Otah Delight #01-74

The nasi lemak was pretty much the common ones that are wrapped in banana leaves that you can find everywhere but it's the otak otak that you have to really look out for! I like how there's solid pieces of fish chunks in it aside from the spicy fish paste, which is rather rare to find nowadays. And not forgetting that the otak otak isn't overly spicy and it's definitely suitable for everyone with different preferences on their taste palettes.

Toa Payoh Rojak #01- 108

Despite the fact that this stall is called Toa Payoh Rojak, it's definitely different from the Soon Heng Rojak currently located at food court at the basement of HDB Hub in Toa Payoh itself. Although the rojak from this stall is good too, I think I still prefer the rojak from Soon Heng Rojak with the strong prawn paste and heaps and heaps of grinded peanuts.

Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun #01-155
Soft, smooth and freshly made chee cheong fun with char siew fillings and topped with mushrooms, the chee cheong fun was actually served in a generous portion of sweet soy sauce. But before we realised, the rice noodle roll actually absorbed the entire sea of the sweet soy sauce! Oh well, at least we don't have to make sure we have the sauce together with a piece of the chee cheong fun as we eat since it's already all in the rice noodle layer...hehe! :D

Anyway, aside from serving chee cheong fun, the stall actually serves hei zou (prawn roll) and fried dumplings too. Apparently, like what the name of the stall suggests, they are better with making the chee cheong fun. But it's not that it's not nice, I just thought it could have been better... :)

Wang Wang Curry Puff #01-12

We had the puffs with curry chicken and potatoes filling and also the spicy sardine filling and with me preferring these layered pastry puffs, I must say, these puffs are really very good in my opinion! And not forgetting the fact that the puffs are stuffed with fillings, for an approximate of $1.50 for each curry puff, I think it's really worth it!

Chi Shuang Shuang #01-51 

You probably would have noticed that I mentioned in some of my posts that I was never fond of the mix of excessively sweet fruits in cooked dishes, but the durian pisang (lower picture) seriously did catch my attention because not only that the durian paste isn't overly sweet at all but still with a strong aroma of the durian, it actually compliments the crispy outer layer pretty well!

By the way, we also had beancurd from Lao Ban Dou Hua (#01-127) which looked typically like any other beancurd but the strong soy bean taste and the texture was somewhat like almond jellies on the surface but soft and smooth when you dig down further. It simply surprised all of us and after the 1st mouth, we repeatedly kept digging our spoons into the bowl for more till it's drained to the bottoms within the same minute!

We got our beancurd at about 12.30pm and when we wanted 2nd rounds for it about 1.30pm, they were already sold out and closing! Morale of the story: Go EARLY if you ever want to try the beancurd! hehe...

my table and sharing the sumptuous spread with Rae, Derrick, Charles and Charlene... :)

Anyway, scrap the idea of "living with the last $10 bill under your name" story I came up with earlier on. We were actually very much enjoying ourselves for the $10 Hawker Food Trail that Maureen and Ellena organized for the Singapore Food Bloggers, the largest gathering for all the food-lovers so far. Besides we are all no where near being that poor yeah?... :)

everyone saying YAY~ to the $10 Food Trail! :)
(credits to Maureen [Misstamchiak] for the great group shots)

By the way, who says hawker food are for the poor?
I say hawker food is for those who knows how to appreciate the authentic flavours! :)

Old Airport Road Food Centre
Block 51, Old Airport Road
Singapore 390051

Monday, April 25, 2011

An eggy Easter brunch with CP Chilled Fresh Eggs!

Waking up on a beautiful Easter morning and craving for nothing else other than eggs after seeing so many Easter eggs around which is given during Easter to celebrate springtime and also symbolizing the resurrection of Jesus, Deserved One and me decided to make our own eggy Easter brunch at home.

That's when I'm really glad that there was the CP Chilled Fresh eggs in the refrigerator!

CP Chilled Fresh Eggs

The eggs produced by the highest-quality chicken, the CP Chilled Fresh Eggs does not only have a tantalising taste bursting with freshness, the eggs also contain lesser cholesterol than ordinary eggs and no trans fats.

Sanitised, oiled and chilled within one hour of being laid, the chilled fresh eggs from CP with supreme freshness is sealed and kept cold in the full delivery chain from the farm to the supermarkets like Cold Storage, NTUC Finest, Meidiya and Carrefour.

Furthermore, storing the eggs in a lower temperature helps to retain the freshness and quality for up to 90 days, it's definitely the one ingredient you have to stock up in your refrigerator at home!

Fresh and beautifully rounded egg yolks that looked like the sun on the beautiful morning! :)

Anyway, since we were already hungry for food, we decided to whip up something simple yet hearty with the eggs for our brunch. And after a short 15min and minimum preparation required... 

Our creation, the Eggy Pepperoni Pizza !

Eggs, pepperoni and cheese is definitely the most divine combination ever for brunch!

We simply replaced the typical pizza crust with eggs, adding pepperoni in the thick layer of the egg and there we have it, the Eggy Pepperoni Pizza. You probably won't imagine that it actually tasted just like a pizza-flavoured omelette. The cheese and egg are in fact, very filling ingredients and it sure makes this a hearty brunch even on it's own and I'm sure if I didn't have to share this, I could have finished the entire "pizza" alone... :D
Eggy Pepperoni Pizza (Makes approx. 6-8inches size/ Serves 2-3 persons)

4 eggs, beaten
60-80g Sliced Pepperoni
½ cup Pizza sauce
½ cup shredded cheese

1. Spread pepperoni slices at the bottom of a small skillet over medium heat.

2. Beat eggs in a small bowl and gently pour over pepperoni. Cover skillet and turn to low heat. Cook for 10-12min or until eggs are set.

3. Spread with sauce and cheese and serve when all cheese have melted.

Cost of Eggy Pepperoni Pizza
  • CP Chilled Fresh Eggs      $ 1.60
  • Pepperoni                         $ 3.70
  • Pizza Sauce                       $ 1.00
  • Shredded Cheese              $ 1.50
  • __________________________
    Total                                 $ 7.80

And aside from the Eggy Pepperoni Pizza, we also made wraps with the remaining eggs we had in the refrigerator to make the brunch an even more hearty one. Hehe...

Yet another quick and simple dish to make, this Eggy Turkey Wrap took us probably another 30-45 min to prepare and cook. The eggs and grounded turkey mix that has the exact texture like soft curds but taste like the awesome-most Mexican taco. It is simply the best thing you can ever have on a lazy morning, as in, lazy to even chew your breakfast. hehe...
Eggy Turkey wrap (Makes approx. 4-5 wraps)

5 eggs, beaten
120g Grounded turkey
⅓ pkg. Taco seasoning mix
½ cup Salsa
½ cup shredded cheese

1. Brown grounded turkey in skillet over medium heat. Add taco seasoning mix and follow packaging directions using ⅓ amount of water listed.

2. Beat eggs and pour over turkey mixture.

3. When eggs begin to set, gently draw a pancake turner across the bottom of skillet, forming large soft curd.

4. Cook until eggs are thickened throughout, but still moist. Fold in salsa and cheese. Heat until cheese is melted.

5. Spread turkey and egg mixture down center of lettuce and wrap. Dress with additional salsa sauce when serving.

*If you prefer your wrap a little crispy, you can place your wrap in the oven for about 5-8min on medium heat.

Cost of Eggy Turkey Wrap
  • Eggs                                  $ 1.00
  • Turkey                              $ 4.50
  • Taco Seasoning mix       $ 1.00
  • Shredded Cheese            $ 1.50
  • Salsa sauce                       $ 1.50
  • Wraps (4 pcs)                  $ 2.45
  • Lettuce                              $ 0.15
  • __________________________
    Total                                 $ 12.15

Yes, so that was our eggy Easter brunch at a total of $19.95 with minimal efforts that only took about 45min for preparation and cooking and then, finally wolfing them down! :)

By the way, not only did we managed to make ourselves an eggy brunch, I realised that with what we prepared, we managed to prepare a meal suitable for Ellena's "$20 egg-themed budget meal" blog event on her page, Cuisine Paradise! You can check out the details here and quickly submit your blog link/ photo and recipe before the window for submission closes!

And if you enjoyed the recipe or my idea for preparing your eggs in future, feel free to "LIKE" the photo of my Eggy Pepperoni Pizza and Eggy Turkey Wrap on Ellena's Cuisine Paradise's photo album. Your vote means a lot to me! I'll appreciate it deeply! ;)

p.s. actually, the food prepared was actually too much for the both of us altogether. hehe~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Swensen's 1-for-1 Deal Chicken in The Basket!

If you've been searching high and low amongst my posts for this, the latest 1-for-1 deal at Swensens...Here goes! :)

Valid only from 25th-27th April only from 2.30pm onwards and all you need to do is to simply present a print out of this ad/coupon prior to ordering and be entitled to the 1-for-1 deal for their Chicken in The Basket!

Are you so going to Swensen's this weekend? Enjoy~ :D

Friday, April 15, 2011

亮耀 Leong Yeow Chicken Rice

Is there something that you will eat at least once a week?
Well, I do! Or rather, my colleagues and I do!

Leong Yew Chicken Rice
the famous Waterloo St. Hainanese Chicken rice branch~

A big portion of chicken for 2 persons topped with fresh coriander and sliced cucumbers...

A serving for 2 persons (consisting of 2 plates of rice & soup): $9.00

Typically, a serving for 1 person will cost you $3.80 and with any addition portions of meat or the organ parts, it'll only cost you an addition of $0.50 only, making your meal $4.30 in total.

I always preferred having my chicken rice with roasted chicken and I really detest it when most chicken rice stalls stingily serve dry and thin slices of their roasted chicken. Leong Yeow Chicken Rice is 101% different where every slice of chicken is thick and succulent served together with a plate of fragrant buttered rice (油饭).

And did I forget to mention, the chilli sauce that they serve is probably my favourite garlic chilli sauce from a chicken rice stall ever! It's spicy and has that essential garlic flavour but even so, it doesn't leave an unpleasant breathe after you enjoy your chicken rice. Also, the chilli sauce there is surprisingly not saltish at all and won't leave you thirsty after your meal too!

If you're ever around the area, don't forget to drop by and give their chicken rice a try while I continue having it at least once a week especially when it's just a stone throw away from my office! YAY! hehe... :D

亮耀 Leong Yeow Chicken Rice
Blk 261 Waterloo Street
#01-29 Food Summons
Singapore 180261
Tel: 63343989

Time: 10.30am - 9.00pm Daily
Off Day: Ad-Hoc

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Travelogue: Phuket - Day 1 [Part 2]

It has been quite some time back since I wrote the part 1 for the 1st day when I am in Phuket. So if you have missed it, you can always read Part 1 here... :)

31st October 2010: Phuket Day 1 [Part 2]
After the hearty lunch at Family Mansion 2 with authentic and homely Thai dishes (as mentioned in Part 1), my family and I embarked on our self-planned day tour around Phuket to see the things at Phuket that we think it's worth a visit.

And after approximately about a 20 min drive on the mini bus we booked for ฿1800 (approx. SGD$75) for half the day, that can fit up to about 8 adults, we reached our 1st stop! :D

Do you know what's behind the lush greeneries? :)

Now a clearer view while I stand on a nearby bench...haha!

Located on top of a hill, the Karon View Point actually allows you to see, shaped like 3 crescent moons, a breathe taking view of the Kata Noi Beach, Kata Main Beach and Karon Beach. It was actually an awesome view if not for that fact that the sky was a little gloomy and misty while we were there.

taking a shot with the scenery behind us...

Daddy and mommy with the scenery behind...

Both my younger brother and I were on top of the short walls so we could get a better picture with the scenery as background...HAHA!

Daddy and mommy now with at a higher point with a better view of the scenery...

Cousins, brother and me... :)

By the way, the magnificent view wasn't all that we saw there!

Photo Service with Sea Eagles anyone?
฿100 with your own camera and ฿200 with their polaroid service...

cousin-in-law with the eagles...

One way to take a photo without paying is when they are not noticing! Hehe!
But nope, I'm not encouraging you to do that. Those people are just making a living, so you'll pay them to get a picture with eagles yeah? :)

 And that's us at our 1st stop at Karon View Point as a start for our day tour!

Karon View Point
Karon, Mueang Phuket, Phuket 83100, Thailand

Back on our chartered mini bus and traveling for approximately half an hour to close to 45 minutes from Karon View Point, we reached our next destination!

The Big Buddha of Phuket or also known as Mingmongkol Buddha!...

the picture is pretty self explanatory right? :)

that's us with the Big Buddha!

We made a donation to fund the rebuilding of the Big Buddha by adopting a tile!

There was different sizes of white marble tiles for you to write your wishes onto according to the amount you donate. And every single tile with names and wishes written on will be used to line the entire facade of the Big Buddha image.

Wishing for my entire family to stay safe and healthy! :)

Inside, you can get blessings the monks there, buy some souvenirs or there were pictorial boards along the sides explaining the history of the place and even showing and explaining how the Big Buddha was constructed on the hill! And following the pictorial boards, you actually find yourself being ushered towards the outside...

And to the foot of the steps to the Big Buddha of Phuket!

Ascending the flight of steps to get a closer look at the Big Buddha...

taking turns to strike the bell 3 times for luck and health...

that's us with the Bodhi Tree just right beside the Big Buddha with lots of bells hung for wishings...

If you're ever going there, I seriously recommend that you make that extra effort and climb up the long flight of steps and have a closer look at the Big Buddha. Not only that the Big Buddha looks extremely magnificent up close, the view from the top of the hill down to the town was really breathtaking from on top of Nakkerd Hill too.

And when you're done, you can always reward yourself with some local goodies available there!

COCONUT ICE CREAM for only ฿25 (approx. SGD $1.05)!!!

Coconut Ice cream! :D

It tasted a little like vanilla ice cream with coconut milk but it's no where near being as sweet as vanilla flavoured ice cream and more refreshing. For about SGD $1.00, this is really a good deal to taste their street side ice cream like what we had in Singapore with the uncles with mobile ice cream stalls on motorbikes!

Artist hard at work...

You can watch the artist working with his paintings just beside the ice cream stall while enjoying your ice cream... :)

It's really a pity that I couldn't give the exact address but The Big Buddha of Phuket is perched on the hilltop of the Nakkerd Hills located between the the town of Chalong and Kata in Phuket. I'm sure if you have a chartered mini bus like us or hired a taxi, the driver sure knows where it is... :)

The Big Buddha of Phuket or Ming Mongkol Phuket

And our next stop after the Big Buddha was just a short drive away!

Unfortunately, the rain decided to pour a short while after we got to the Wat Chalong. We didn't manage to have a good look around the place at all, or rather, not a single bit to even let me share something about the place... :(

But anyway, somethings to take note of when you're planning to visit either the Big Buddha of Phuket or the Wat Chalong, try to make sure you're properly covered! Avoid wearing sleeveless tops and shorts even though you're in Phuket for a beach and sea holiday in respects for the fact that you're stepping into religious grounds...Or you can simply equip yourselves with a shawl to cover up when you're there! :)

Wat Chalong (or Chalong Temple or Chai Tararam Temple)
Luang Pho Chaem
Chalong, Mueang Phuket
Phuket 83130 Thailand

Since the weather wasn't on our side and it's impossible to move around inside the Wat Chalong in the heavy down pour, our driver very nicely suggested to take us somewhere else!

Pornthip Sea Store!!!

The Pornthip Sea Store is absolutely a haven for local snacks and it's probably the best place where you can grab all the goodies to bring back as gifts for your family and friends! With samplers readily available for every single food product that they sell, you'll never go wrong with choosing the right snacks to bring back home! :)

One of my favourite is the tomyum flavoured fried ikan bilis with assorted peas and chilli!
A little spicy but it's really very very very good! :D

Packing services are available too!

Packer very gently yet swiftly packing all the goodies we bought into boxes! :)

I guess everyone would have gone berserk after entering the snacks haven and definitely bought more than what they can manage with two hands. But fret not, there's packing services located just right outside the store and there will be staffs of the store helping to back your loot into boxes and seal them to ensure it's ready for the flight home with you together with your checked-in luggages...Our snacks came back to Singapore pretty intact all thanks to their service! :)

Pornthip Sea Store
108/1 Moo5, Chalermprakiat Rd., Tumbol Rassada,
Muang District Phuket 83000 Thailand
Tel : + 66 76 261555


Before we know it and amidst all the fun tasting and deciding what snacks we want to bring back with us, the rain stopped and it's already dinner time! After dropping our loot from Pornthip Sea Store back at our hotel rooms, we were whisked off to our last stop for the day for a buffet dinner and a musical show! :)

Daddy and mommy at the entrance to our next destination...
Do you know where are we? hehe...

We are at Phuket FantaSea! :D

After a short walk through the theme park, we walked into the grandest looking place I ever seen!

Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant

Designed to be set in the mythical Himmaphan forest where the mythical Kinnarees (half bird and half woman of the legendary beauty and graciousness) is said to exist, I was seriously taken aback the moment i stepped in the restaurant's vicinities. It might be embarrassing to admit but I actually stood at the entrance for a long while mesmerized by the sight before regaining my senses and proceeding to check out the buffet spread. 

With such an extravagant interiors and over 4000 seats available, inevitably, the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant is said to be the grandest dining facility in the world!

Individual counters with golden roofs like a royal palace...

It's made to resemble the life sized Thai architectural style and as comparing the wooden push karts we have in buffet restaurants here in Singapore for individual counters for the more unique food on the buffet spread, it's really no surprise that they can claim that they have the grandest dining facility!...

The buffet spread with a mixture of Thai food and international cuisines...

I really love the pretty chandelier hanging above the buffet spread!

Even the interiors of the toilet was well thought of to suit the theme of the place.

Daddy and mommy enjoying their dinner... :)

And now, here's a quick look at the food!

Chinese style Roasted Duck

Hakka Beef Noodle

A platter of assorted dishes like (from bottom clockwise) green curry chicken, sweet and sour pork, stir-fried cabbage and prawn tempura...

Vegetables galore!

At the entrance, they are displaying the different types of wine available...

Doesn't it really look like a palace with a lotus pond hugging the sides? Pretty isn't it?

Anyway, to be frank, the food was just like any typical international buffet, nothing as lavish as the overall design and ambiance of the restaurant. But that aside, it's really worth paying for a buffet dinner where you are served and set in a place that's deemed only for the royals!

From the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant, you can see the Palace of the Elephants just opposite where the theatre for the show is located. Looks extremely magnificent isn't it? I had another mesmerized moment standing there and taking in every single bit of the facade!

That's us in front of the Palace of the Elephants!

Daddy and mommy with the elephants sprouting water from their trunks behind them...

Mommy and I! :)

Elephant welcoming and ushering you into the Palace...

and more of the elephants sprouting water from their trunks into the water feature surrounding the palace

After a short wait and looking around the Palace of the Elephants, it's finally time for the show!

Fantasy of a Kingdom

Fantasy of a Kingdom is a Las Vegas style Thai cultural show infused with cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art show elements. The essence of being Thai, everything from the love for freedom and fun, courage and compassion, is being represented in each scene. As the Prince of Kamala journeys through each progressive scene, he slowly discovers these aspects and learns what it means to be the perfect Thai. (picture and write-up credits to Phuket FantaSea website)

The Monkey King and his Monkey kids... hehe! =P

If you're ever going to Phuket, the 1st thing you should get hold of is your tickets to the show and buffet dinner at Phuket FantaSea which is priced at ฿1900 (approx. SGD $79.00). Actually, I've gotten my tickets at a tour agency and I've gotten the tickets at only ฿1800 which is about SGD $4.00 cheaper than buying a ticket directly from the theme park itself... :)

Whichever it is, I really love the setting and ambience of the buffet restaurant and the show was really a very enjoyable musical with the live animals and all the awesome-most graphics and effects! The night has definitely been my favourite part of our self-planned day tour in Phuket! :)

Phuket FantaSea, The Ultimate Cultural Theme Park
99 M3 Kamala Kathu
Phuket 83150 Thailand
Tel: 076 385 111


Yup and with that, it marks the end of my 1st day in Phuket last November!
Do stay tune for the write up of the rest of my time spent there!

Wishing everyone a great week ahead...
I'm outa here for now~ :D

p.s. Now you can read Day 2 here.

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